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Giving Back

At oh, hello friend, our hope and mission is to convey positive and encouraging messages through our products. We also feel giving is a huge part of what we stand for and what we believe. We want to be intentional about doing good, helping others, and giving back.

We are committed to joining a cause bigger than ourselves. Each month, we will donate 20% of our retail and wholesale sales to a cause we stand with. That means every purchase you make at oh, hello friend will go toward helping support someone in some way. We hope you will get involved and excited about giving back! Let's live our lives purposefully together.

We have many causes and organizations close to our hearts. One that we feel needs urgent attention is cybersex trafficking. OHF will be joining the fight against this dark and cruel injustice. We ask you to consider joining us in this fight. It's hard and ugly and disgusting and tragic - but even if you just begin to think about this devastating reality, that's something. Research it, understand what it is, read the statistics. Post about it and spread awareness. We thank you for taking a stand. #untilallarefree

Our Cause this Month
IJM is a global organization committed to fighting against some of the darkest social injustices in our society including modern day slavery in forms of cybersex and human trafficking.


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